Hello, I’m Gonca nice to meet you. I’m User Experience Designer & Researcher with Industrial Design background.

Hello, I am Gonca, if you are unsure how to pronounce my name, try to read it as Goncha 🙂 

As a multidisciplinary designer with an industrial design background, I love to learn new things and experience new mediums to design products beginning from ideas to real products. I care about bringing user perspectives into the product development life cycle.

I am good at solving hard, complex design problems and I am oriented to details. Check out my portfolio to see some examples of my work! For business inquiries, you can contact me here.


the more About Me…

I recently earned my certificate in UX Design from Google, I have a master’s degree in design research for interaction and my bachelor’s degree in industrial design. I am really curious about smart products, human-computer interaction, and how these products blend into our lives while we are accepting all these services instinctively that make our life easier. 

Regardless of the product kind, I give importance to focusing on the happiness of the users and I prefer to solve my design problems with witty, colorful, unique and accessible solutions. 

My life motto is ‘Be Open to Change, Learn more and Share more’. All the newly learned skills add another perspective to my design understanding, help me grow as a designer, and they are all precious to me. 


When I am not working

I live in Austin, TX with my husband and our dog Smoky. I love kiteboarding, snowboarding, stand up paddling, camping and traveling. 

Let’s talk more about how to make our customers happier with positive experiences. 

Nice to meet you.