Iz is a smart walking stick working with an app for elderly people who are needed to be taken care but still have sort of an active life.

Interaction Vision


Understanding The Problem


In the interview with 4 people ages between 30-50 and their parents, I listened both sides and got the listed results below.

What did I learn from Parents?

  • They want their children call them daily (wish)
  • They are still active and like to go outside to do grocery shopping or having coffee with friends
  • They use mobile phones
  • They like interest of their children
  • Sometimes, they are afraid of something bad is going to happen to them outside

What did I learn from their Children?

  • Most of them forget to call their parents in their daily routine
  • They feel regret after remembering to call or see their parents
  • Knowing that their parents are in safe relieveing them


Story Board

There are two different user sides in Iz project. Application user will be a person who wants to track his/her parent via Iz and Iz user will be the tracked side.

Customer Journey Map

In the story of the project, there are two different user sides, one is the parent who uses Iz and another is the child the purchaser and app controller. This map reflects the users at the both sides.


Iz isn’t just a walking stick. It’s a smart stick that collects heart beat, step and route data and sends them to Iz App user, it takes care your beloved ones and stand by them. If any emergency case, unique QR code can be used to reach you directly.

User Profile


Please check https://www.behance.net/gallery/83331475/IZ for prototype.